Our Dreams

Everytime I pass by my COO’s office window, the sea view outside, light rays glistening, big and small boats lazily dotting the crystal blue waters, reminds me again of Dear1’s dream.

Dear1 has a dream, that is to own a yacht.  So he has been keeping track of yacht prices, and tells me bits and nuggets about yachting every now and then.  But at a minimum of $100,000, and dunno how much $ on parking, club membership, maintenance etc etc expenses, owning a yacht is deemed to be a far away dream for me. “If I can’t buy it now, then I’d better not look at it, least I fall in love with it.” That’s generally my shopping style.

But I tell Dear1, look, I actually am still mindful of your dream, because I get reminded of it every day.  I too am a sea lover, it’s sereneness, it’s openness.  Ermm, and actually, I too used to fantasize living in one when I was younger (too many runaways in Hong Kong movies lah).  But at our current stage, that extra $XXX,xxx is just not feasible.  But, let’s keep this dream alive, cos it’s with dreams that you have something to work towards to, and something to look forward to.

I know, it may be many many years before we can reach our goal, or maybe never, or maybe it’ll really be when we are retired and too old to physically enjoy cruising anymore.  But at least we are 1 step nearer now.  We’ve paid off our house, so we are 1 step closer to getting our second property. 1 step nearer means that we are 1 tiny step to reaching our yacht too.  1 step.  Yes, just 1 tiny step, but at least it’s still 1 step nearer.

Main thing is, don’t lose this dream, cos it’s something that you and I have in common, a common dream to pursue.  Yes, this is our dream, not just solely your dream anymore, but our dream.

– Dear2


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