Baby2 Pregnancy and Birth Story

Exactly 9 months have past and Baby2 is finally here! 

Turn of the new year and Dear1 and Dear2 have been actively making Baby2. We finally ‘made’ her around the Chinese New Year, and by end February it was all jitters and nervousness.   Finally she crossed the 3 months mark and Dear2 started to cancel out the days day-by-day on the office desk top calendar.  The daily count down was agonizing, week by week, month by month, we passed the DS test, and the 5 month Detailed Scan showed no abnormalities as well.  Phew, but until she is out, we can not feel relief yet.

Finally we entered the third trimester.  Hip joint pain, sleepless nights because of all the pains, heartburn, bad acne on the chest,  plus anticipation, nervousness, worry, occasional tears situations, immobility etc, these Dear1 and Dear2 feel them together.  The physical impact is on Dear2, but I know Dear1 shared all my discomforts too.

By 32 weeks, gynae says that Baby2 has not turned down yet.  I had hoped for a VBAC this time round so that the recovery can be faster and I can devote back to Baby1 soonest possible, but Baby2 was still in a transverse position.  Oh well, one thing that I’ve learnt from pregnancy is that you’ll just have to be flexible.

We planned for a C-section on 1 Oct, so Baby2 will be 37w5d like Baby1.  

Finally it’s F1 weekend, and Dear2 started her maternity leave. The constant hip and leg pain, and worry, and last minute things to get ready for Baby2, it was all rush and preparing the house for Baby2’s arrival.  Wash clothes, change bed sheets and sofa covers, clean Baby1’s mega blocks, wipe dust, catchup tv, do  Baby2’s scrapbook, adjust the photo frame, settle the insurance and do the GainIQ redemption. 

On Thursday 37w0d, we went for gyane checkup with contractions for the past week, and I was almost convinced that history was gonna repeat itself – I am dilated and needs C-sec immediately!  But this was not the case and gynae advised plenty bed rest so that the contractions will not amplify and we can possibly last till Monday.  ~Disappointed~

On Saturday, we went to bed as usual at 10+pm.  Lay in bed and keep feeling contractions.  20 min interval, 10 min interval.  It was not painful, just very uncomfortable.  *How painful is painful for contractions!?*  During Baby1’s time, I had been feeling contractions for a long while and dismissed it as Baby1’s stretching, until I was 2cm dilated and it was still stretching feeling.  So for this time, I really have no idea what labour contractions feel like…  12nm, 1 am, 2am…  Grr… I still can’t sleep with all that contractions.  Cannot afford to wait until too last time, we need to send Baby1 to Granny’s place first.  Better check in TMC, at most we’ll be sent home.

So at 2+am, we got all the bags and sent Baby1 to Granny’s house.  Reached TMC at 3+am.  Oh, gynae was there for a delivery too.  Hooked up to machine, mild contractions, gynae says it’s gonna get worse in the afternoon, so might as well have the Op now.  Ok, I don’t mind, can’t wait for Baby2 to be out to relieve the discomfort, plus, it’s Mid Autumn today!  Gee…

Hurry hurry, Dear1 was off to do admission, the nurses hurry hurry prepare me, wheel to operating theatre, hurry hurry get the aneathesia doc in, and by 4.30am, Baby2 was out!

This time round, I didn’t feel the shivers, and was in quite good mood almost immediately.  Must be the relief, I guess.  By evening the same day, relatives and Baby1 came to visit, and we sang a birthday song and cut a cake for Baby2.

That’s a brief for now, really no time to write in detail, having to juggle between catering to Baby1’s attention-seeking and Baby2’s cries.  Did anyone ever mention anything about confinement having to take care of the older kid too!?  Haiz.

Nonetheless, I still love Baby1, and my newborn Baby2.  Love you too, Dear1.

– Dear2


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