Grand Retirement Plan

Oh gosh, I don’t know what I want to do when I retire, how sad!

It all began when Dear1 brought up the topic of doing our new year resolutions for next year.  I said, when we set new goals, we need to know where we stand now.  Then I realise that we have been talking about setting our retirement, but what exactly is Retirement, or what does it mean?

When a financial adviser does financial planning for you, Retirement is always surely one of the long term goal.  “When do you wish to retire? 10 years?  20 years? Or maybe you don’t wish to retire?  Retirement does not mean not working anymore. Rather, it’s a stage where you may continue having an employment, but the salary is not important anymore.”

So I sat down with Dear1 and we briefly talked about our financial goals for the upcoming year. Dear1 says we want to have a third property by the time we are 40 so that this can generate passive income for us. So maybe with this rental income, we’ll able to retire, ie don’t have to worry about being sacked.  “But if I don’t work, what do I want to do then?”  I thought about this long after our conversation, and the only thing that came to mind is, perhaps I’ll write.  Full stop.  That’s so sad!!

When people retire, or think about their retirement, they usually want to do the things that they normally do not have the time or Opportunity to do.  Like going on holidays, continue to pursue their hobbies, or participate in social activities. But I don’t want to wait till I’m old and frail to go backpacking or learn salsa.  Ok, maybe I won’t be that frail when I’m only 40, but definitely my stamina is better now than 10 years later right?  So holidaying and learning a dance is something that I have to do now, rather than only during my Retirement.  So, what do I want to do when I retire?

Probably I should continue to do what I like when there are no more mortgages to pay and the kids’ tertiary funds are well taken care of and I do not have to slog for the next meal on the table. Hmm.. So that will be something that I enjoy doing now and which I can continue to pursue. Hmm… But, what!?

It’s less than 2 full months before the new year. I’m still thinking long and about this question, and I hope to have some answer by then. Do share with me on your retirement dreams. ;)

– Dear2


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