Bed extension

Since Baby1 was around 8-9 months old, we moved her from her baby cot to our adult bed to sleep during the night. One of the main reason for doing so was because we could lull her to sleep easily while on our bed with our presence.

Eventually, Baby1 enjoyed co-bedding with us so much that she refused to go to bed at night unless she’s co-bedding. This was evident in our recent hospital stay when Baby2 was born. During the hospital stay, I stayed overnight with Dear2 at TMC while Baby1 stayed over at Granny’s place. According to Granny, Baby1 would insist on sharing the bed with Granny (and hence Yeye too) on those few nights.

Well, co-bedding has its pros and cons. For one, it is comforting. Baby1 sleeps very well through the night and we’ve had very good sleep since Baby1 was around 15-18 months, until Baby2’s arrival. The con is obvious. Dear1 and Dear2 can’t really get intimate with Baby1 sleeping in between us. But we have our ways of circumventing that restriction. :)

Now, the other big problem arose slowly but surely. At first, she liked to sleep perpendicular to us, right in between our pillows. Imagine Baby1’s head touching my pillow and Baby1’s feet touching Dear2’s pillow. All was well when she was little as sleeping at our head level meant no chance of us squashing her by accident. Then, Baby1 grew.

As she grew, the space she would occupy became larger and larger, up till the point she could no longer sleep perpendicular to us. She had to sleep parallel to us now. Nonetheless, she still occupied a large space with her outstretched little arms and legs. As a result, Dear2 and I were on the verge of being pushed off the bed.

We tried putting a mattress on the floor next to the bed and decorated the surroundings with colourful stickers. Initially, we tried to make Baby1 fall asleep on the mattress. It didn’t work. So we had her fall asleep on the bed, then carried her down to the mattress. It worked for a while and Baby1 would even say, “Now sleep on the bed first, later Papa carry to mattress.” But our plans came to a screeching halt when Baby1 fell sick and demanded to sleep on the bed the entire night. By the time she recovered, we could not get her to go back to the mattress. (In fact, during Dear2’s pregnancy with Baby2, it was Dear2 who slept on the mattress to avoid the sleeping-kicks from Baby1.)

Then came our little solution to the problem of insufficient bed space. We needed to extend the width of our king size bed. Since our bed was nearly against one wall (about 10-15 cm gap), I decided to stuff my bolster into the gap. It can’t be any old lumpy bolster. It had to be a sturdy and puffy one. The result is shown in the picture below.

King size bed, green bolster, large orange adult pillows, and small orange Baby1’s pillow.

The bolster filled up the space between the edge of the bed and the wall. So, our bed became wider. As a result, I can move my pillow off the edge of the bed such that half my body was supported by the bed while the other half was supported by the bolster. It’s quite comfortable actually. And more space for everyone. (In case you are wondering, there is a gap next to the bed because of power plugs and our NOT lamp at the corner.)

This has been our arrangement for quite a while now and will be for the foreseeable future. Right now, Baby2 is sleeping in her cot next to our bed in the space to the right of the picture. I don’t think we can fit another baby on our bed. So our next goal is to train Baby2 to sleep for as long as she can in her cot before “upgrading” her to a full sized mattress on the floor next to us. And “downgrading” Baby1 to the mattress too so Dear2 and I can finally have our bed back for ourselves. Such is the problem for many many Singapore families, I believe.

We’ll see how this works out.



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