Baby2 shower

Baby2 was born on a Sunday. So we thought it would be wonderful to hold Baby2’s baby shower on the Sunday exactly 4 weeks later. Turns out, it didn’t happen. Because my parents had already booked (months ago) a trip to Genting over that weekend. Granted, they received their tickets for free and could not change the travel dates. Nonetheless, we were upset, frustrated and disappointed.

Various considerations came to mind while we pondered over what to do next. We considered still holding the baby shower but without my parents and relatives. We considered cancelling the entire baby shower. We considered having a mini baby shower with just the immediate family before my parents depart for their trip. We considered asking my parents to cancel their trip (since they received the tickets for free anyway) and hold the baby shower as planned. We considered bring forward the baby shower 1 week. We considered asking my parents to hurry back by Sunday afternoon and holding the baby shower that evening.

Eventually, we decided to hold the baby shower 1 week later so that we could accommodate the three major groups of participants, my parents and relatives, Dear2’s parents and relatives, and our friends and colleagues.

As usual, we went to our favourite cake maker, Gin Thye, to order baby shower cakes. We didn’t like the modern sweets and cupcakes style of baby shower cakes. Instead, we opted for the traditional butter cake with red eggs, glutinous rice, and ang ku kueh. We ordered exactly the same combination this time but the prices had increased to $11 for the big box and $7.30 for the small box. They’ve also updated their cake box to something more bright and baby-themed.

Our big box baby shower cakes from Gin Thye - includes large cake, 2 red eggs, 2 glutinous rice, and 2 ang ku kueh.

Our big box baby shower cakes from Gin Thye – includes large cake, 2 red eggs, 2 glutinous rice, and 2 ang ku kueh.

Baby1’s baby shower was held at my parents’ place. This time round, they suggested holding the event at my aunt’s condo clubhouse. It was a good idea. The clubhouse was large and spacious, had air con, had tables and chairs and sink for washing, and a swimming pool where the kids could play. We went to recce the place before the event and was quite satisfied. One more advantage was that we didn’t have to clean up after the event.

On the actual day, we went early to decorate the place and to receive the caterer. Irritatingly, the caterer was late *again*! They (same caterer) were also late for Baby1’s shower. And we set up a corner where Dear2 would breastfeed Baby2.

The baby shower went on from around 11am to about 4pm. Our guests arrived unintentionally at staggered times, so we were able to interact with all of them sufficiently. We had about 50-60 guests in total.

Baby1 had a great time swimming and playing with some of her cousins. Baby2 slept in her stroller for much of the baby shower, only waking up once for feed.

After the baby shower, we went back to Gin Thye to order some additional cakes for some of the guests who couldn’t make it on that day. This included my boss, my mum’s boss, and Dear2’s boss and colleagues. The following week, on the day of Baby2’s followed check up at TMC, we spent the rest of the day driving around to deliver cakes.

Let me also recap the gifts that we’ve received for Baby2. There were a number of toys and baby clothes which I will not elaborate here. During the days before the baby shower, we’ve received $620 in cash and $210 in vouchers (from my department). On the actual day of the baby shower, we received around $2400 in ang baos, $400 in gold pendant from Dear2’s brother (and an additional $400 in gold pendant meant for Baby1), and $2200 in gold coin and $100 in gold pendant from my parents. And later on, $100 in cash from my company’s HR.

We were humbled by all the generous gifts and well wishes from everyone. We will keep the gold and will gift them back to Baby1 and Baby2 when they are older. The cash gifts was used to offset the baby shower expenses including $50 for booking the venue and decorations, $270 for cakes, and $480 for the food catering. As before, we will top up the difference in cash from the ang baos and deposit $2000 into Baby2’s CDA account to earn the dollar-for-dollar matching from the Baby Bonus.

What was most memorable for me from this baby shower was the venue. I liked the atmosphere of the condo clubhouse. It felt private and exclusive. There wasn’t many people in the pool other than our guests and us. It felt just a little bit like a pool party. There were ample space and seats around. Some guests remained in the air con clubhouse while other preferred to laze by the pool under those giant umbrellas. It is definitely the kind of lifestyle that Dear2 and I look forward to having in the future as well.



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