Hello Kitty and Little Big Club Land

We planned a Legoland trip last Sunday, but it started to rain even before we stepped out of the house in the morning, so we changed to the wet weather plan to Hello Kitty and ‘Barney’ Land instead.  What a brilliant plan!

We wanted to avoid the crowd and aimed to reach at 10 am sharp when the gates open, but by the time we board our car, it was already 9.30am.  Fetched the grand parents at Taman Jurong, crossed the customs, tried to follow the posters on the road, ended up in Legoland instead, and we finally reached Hello Kitty and Barney Land at 10.30.  Though it was only officially opened one week earlier, the morning was already packed with lots of people!  Dear1 wanted to look at both the lands, so we purchased the tickets at RM110 per pax.  A single Land would cost RM65 each. In the end, a Malaysian auntie offered to purchase the both lands tickets for us at a discounted RM85 while Baby1 and Baby2 got in for free.

At the ticketing entrance.

At the ticketing entrance.

Took the escalator up and we were stunned by the crowd at Hello Kitty Land.  “Up first”, I said, so we went into Barney Land on level 3.  A very wise choice indeed.  Most people would go to the first Land first if they have tickets to both, so Barney which was on the higher floor was pretty empty earlier in the morning.

Map of Little Big Club land.

Map of Little Big Club land.

On the first floor of Barney Land, there’s a Pingu Room with some arcade machines, a Barney House with some slides and stuff, and an Angelina Ballerina Room where Baby1 had so much fun ‘dancing’ on the stage in the tutu and mouse ears.  We even had to drag her out of this room so that we can explore the upper floor.

Tidmouth Sheds leads to an outdoor dining area.

Upper floor was even more exciting.  There’s a Windmill (ferris wheel), Helicopter, Train, Bus, Bumper Car and Cradle Drop rides, all of which Baby1 was just eligible except for the Bumper Car which she is not old/tall enough to ride.  We had a go at all of them when the queues were not very long yet, haha, that’s the strategy of going early cos most families are usually out from late mornings onwards.

After lunch and the mini Barney show which again Baby1 enjoyed tremondously singing and doing the actions together with the cast on stage, we went to check out Hello Kitty Land.  It was already 2+pm and the clock is ticking down.  It’s nap time for Baby1 and she’s showing signs of tiredness.

The Barney show - similar standard to those frequently held at shopping centres.

The Barney show – similar standard to those frequently held at shopping centres.

Alas, Hello Kitty Land was very disappointing (luckily).   Though most of the crowd had adjourned to Barney Land (which was very very crowded when we left – oh my, look at the queues for the rides!) now, the snaking queues at Hello Kitty Land looked very bad – they were not moving at all!  Jewellery Making, Cookie Something, Nail Art…  No wonder the queues hardly move.  We didn’t even want to try the queue at all, and proceeded right for the Teacups ride instead.  There’s no queue at the Hello Kitty House, either, so we went in.  Hmm… Very lame.

Inside Hello Kitty Black Wonder - looks fun but we didn't play, just took a quick tour and left.

Inside Hello Kitty Black Wonder – looks fun but we didn’t play, just took a quick tour and left.

Baby1 had some fun in the Indoor Playground structure while waiting for the mini Hello Kitty Show which she didn’t finish watching.  “Not exciting”, she said.  There’s also a Black Wonder room where you’ll be given a lamp to follow some clues but we skipped that as it was really time to go home.

The Hello Kitty Show - quite boring actually.

The Hello Kitty Show – quite boring actually.

Overall, the trip was really fun.  It was our first self drive trip (Dear1 has always wanted to do one, and we finally did it!).  The Second Link was fairly empty though it still took us 1 hour from Puteri Harbour, Malaysia to Bukit Batok.  We had the grandparents with us too so the all-Malay road names and signs did not pose a problem, otherwise we might have panicked without any GPS or Malaysia’s road maps.  I also learnt that driving to Malaysia is not just about a passport – you will need a Touch and Go card for the tolls, and maybe a Malaysia’s cashcard for the carpark charges.  There wasn’t an ‘ERP’ at the Little Red Cube building so we are not sure if parking is free, or just that the system is not ready yet, like some of the lifts there.  The Baby Room is commendable too – 2 spacious and clean rooms on each level with tables and chairs – just right for our little Baby2 who pooed twice during the time there.

The diaper changing room. Baby2 is in the picture! :)

The diaper changing room. Baby2 is in the picture! :)

It’s a great place for a day’s family outing – all the rides, activities and shows are free, and you can play all day from 10am to 6pm.  For families like us, I’ll recommend Barney Land only as Hello Kitty Land is really very over rated – small, un-interesting and more adults than kids there.  At Hello Kitty Land, you can only do each activity once (except for the Teacups), huh.

I’m still targeting to go Legoland soon, but probably after the December holidays.

– Dear2


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