The Less You Try to Eat, The More You Actually Eat

Urgh, it’s so hard to shed those pounds.

When I was in JC, I was too light to donate blood.  The minimum weight was 50kg and I was 48kg at that time.  Those were the days….

After Baby1, I decided not to attempt to lose any weight.  “We’ll be trying for Baby2 anyway, so no point to lose weight now” was my thinking.  Before concieving Baby1, I was around 55kg.  After giving birth to Baby1, my weight continued to pile on silently and I was 60+kg just before conceiving Baby2.  From M to L and even some XLs are even too tight….

Fast forward to present day.  Baby2 is 2.5 month old now, and I am still at 62kg.  I never used to think kgs are hard to shed – aren’t they just numbers?   But my weighing machine is still not giving me the 55 that I want to see, sobz…..

I try to cut down on rice for dinners.  I try to skip breakfast if I’m not feeling hungry in the morning.  I drink more soup and eat vegetables in place of rice so that my stomach will be full.  I drink water/juices/any fluids in the afternoons when I feel hungry.  I go to bed with a growling stomach and tell myself no supper at all.  I drink half a cup of coffee so that I don’t take in an additional half spoon more of sugar.

But I end up having fried chicken for dinner because I have been having such awful meals the past week.  My dinner was durians because I can’t have it as a snack.  I had cheese fries because I need to reward myself.  I reward myself with 3 packs tidbits and 1 cup milk tea again.

It seems that the less I try to eat, the more I actually eat!

Dieting is so hard, it really takes a lot of will power. And after all that suffering, there may not be even any visible effects.

But this time round, I am determined to lose that weight.  I want to be a chio mummy!  Jiayou jiayou jiayou!

– Dear2


2 thoughts on “The Less You Try to Eat, The More You Actually Eat

  1. You can try avoiding carbs during weekdays and take in food with high fat content. The body will be trained to burn fat now as you have been loading up on fats through the week. During the weekends, you can eat whatever you like, your body is still burning fats at this stage. Eating carbs during weekends enable your body to do a ‘reset’ from the high fat routine.

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