Get well soon everyone

The whole family is going through a bout of sickness now. It started with me falling sick sometime in mid Dec 2012. It was a fever, sore throat and runny nose, it was most likely flu. I saw the doctor several times and had 3 courses of anti-biotics but the flu refused to get better. The sore throat was so bad at night that I trembled as I drank water. After about 3 weeks, I finally got better.

Meanwhile, Baby2 caught my germs and she started sneezing and also had runny nose. Since Baby2 couldn’t really control any of her actions, her body just sneezed frequently, involuntarily, to clear her breathing pathway. It would slowly turn from clear mucus to yellow mucus. Luckily, Baby2 recovered quickly and her runny nose stopped.

At the turn of the new year 2013, Baby1 started her Nursery 1 childcare. Within the first 3 days of school, she started developing fever, cough and runny nose. Maybe it was from school, or maybe it was from me. At this point, I was just recovering from my flu. Baby1’s cough would degenerate to an allergy situation similar to what she had back in Oct/Nov 2011. She would cough and vomit uncontrollably, many times during the night. We took her to the clinic at Dawson Place where she was successfully and effectively treated the last time.

At mid January, Dear2 would fall sick, having similar symptoms to me. At this point, I was already free from symptoms for 1 week and shared some kisses with Dear2 on my birthday. However, because the symptoms were so similar, it was very likely that I had passed the germs to Dear2. According to Dear2, she had the worst sore throat in her life. It was that bad. And it took nearly 10 days for Dear2 to recover.

Just 3 days after seeing the doctor, when Baby1 is recovering from her flu symptoms, she was struck with stomach flu, most likely from her school. Baby1 would wake up that morning and vomit repeatedly. She vomited so much that she had nothing left in her stomach and was vomit yellow gastric juices. It pained my heart to see her in so much discomfort. We went to the Dawson clinic again and it was confirmed to be stomach flu.

The following day, I was down with stomach flu. I woke up at 2 am and vomited. I was up the entire night vomiting until I went to the doctor first thing the next morning. That day (it was a Saturday), Dear2 and I was feeling so drained from the illnesses that we had to ask both our parents to bring the kids out for the day so we could rest and recuperate at home. We would later learn that Baby1 also spread the stomach virus to my mum, dad, and sister who helped to take care of her that weekend.

The following week, Dear2 and I gradually recovered. However, Baby1 started having diarrhea. It began from just once a day. We had thought that it would go away on its own. By the end of the week, it had increased to 2-3 times in the day. At its worst on Sunday night, Baby1 woke up at least 4 times during the night and had to go to the toilet. We quickly brought her to the doctor the next day and confirmed that it was a another stomach virus.

Right now, it had been about 8 weeks since everything first started with my bout of flu. Currently, everyone is starting to feel better. We’ve been drinking lots of barley and chrysanthemum tea and pipagao. We’ve been very careful with our hygiene. No kissing. No sharing of food. Frequently washing hands. Use lots of dettol to clean the floor, clean the toilets, wash the clothes, wash the soiled beddings, clean up any vomits. It is no joke having the whole family sick like this. It is downright awful.

I really hope that everyone will get well soon.

Shoo, germs, bacteria, viruses, bad weather, shoo!

You are not welcomed here. GRR!!!


Update 15 Feb 2013: Baby1 caught the cough and runny nose again on CNY’s eve and the doctor gave her the nebulizer (her first). Then on day 1 of CNY, Baby2 caught the bug and has been coughing until today. Dear1 and Dear2 feeling stuffy in the nose too. Really hope all this nonsense sickness end soon.


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