Thank You, Mums and Dads

It’s the time of the year again for eating expensive.

There’s Mother’s Day (this Sunday), Father’s Day (next month), Mother’s Birthday (in June) and Father-in-Law’s Birthday (end of May).  2 parents each for Dear1 and Dear2, plus Dear1’s grandmother, so we have many many festivals to celebrate every year just for the elders (groan….…).

Every year during this season, we will take the respective family out for a restaurant meal, or in recent years, been ‘coerced’ into the meal by our younger but more generous siblings.  After years and years of dining, it has become a dread, cos:

1)      The restaurants are super crowded during the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day peak.  Why can’t everyone just have a sumptuous home cooked meal at home!?

2)      We’re paying expensive amounts for just a meal!?  (I’ll never forget that $400 bill for 6 pax on a Mother’s Birthday celebration.  I don’t even earn that much in a day!!!)

3)      The dining experience is really just pure eating for us.  Occasionally we’ll  chat with the siblings (ermm sorry, the parents just can’t fit into the conversation)

4)      Times 4 meals within a short span of 2 months.  Omg, the BIG hole in the pocket $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It was with much much reluctance in recent years that Dear1 and I participate in the yearly rituals.

This year however, suddenly my perception changed.  I actually dun mind bringing the Mum out for her yearly reward, and I even proposed to organize the Mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day meal.  Hmm, what got into me….?

It has been a hectic year this past year.  Mum has been taking care of our little newborn Baby2 daily since birth, now already 7 months old, and before that Baby1 until Baby2 came along.  And Mother-in-law is helping to bath and feed Baby1 after childcare every day too, freeing up precious energy for Dear1 and I.

Somehow, the new parents of this generation expect our parents to help out with the kids, perhaps because we ourselves were raised single-handedly by our grannies.  Granny probably cooked and bathed and took care of a few cousins at the same time back then.  But apparently our parents don’t feel the same now.  Childcare centre, nannies, maid, SAHM, relax and enjoy own retirement years – I think our parents really do prefer these than having to stay home all day and babysit.

So, looking at how our own parents sacrificed their ‘happiness’ and be occupied and tired every day from looking after our 2 girls, I think they do deserve a nice treat.  It’s just a meal in that 365 days, but that’s a little way of expressing our thanks to them.

We brought Mum out for dim sum last Sunday already, and are planning for a dinner for Mother-in-law next Sunday (read, avoid the actual DAY!).

Have your made your reservations?

– Dear2


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