Cold Storage Kids Run 2013 Race Pack Collection

We are going to Cold Storage Kids Run 2013!

Cold Storage Kids Run was the only kids only run event in the past, so when Dear1 got to know about this last year, registration was already closed and 2 yo Baby1 did not get to go :(  Mummy made sure to calender down the event earlier this year – liked Cold Storage Kids Run on her Facebook page beginning of the year, and periodically went online to see if the 2013 web page is up.  The event is normally held in May, and it is THE running event for kids, so we definitely have to go this year!

End March, the website is finally updated with the 2013’s details, so we quickly registered Baby1 for it.  Being one of the few running events solely for kids, parents all over Singapore are all too kiasu to want to expose their kids to running, so places are reaaaaaally limited and snapped fast.

The pace pack collection was held over last weekend at F1 Pit.  We reached the collection place at 11.20am (collection starts from 11am) and there was a already long queue bustling with activity. Having not been to the F1 Pit area before, Dear1 searched for the route online before we left the house.

The route brought us to the Singapore Flyer dropoff point instead of the F1 Pit carpark (more on this later). Luckily, the entrance to the race pack collection area was just about 10 meters from the Singapore Flyer dropoff point. Dear2 and Baby1 alighted and made their way in while Dear1 waited in the car because the dropoff point had no parking lots. Shortly after, a security came and so Dear1 had to drive off.

Dear1 drove round to the other end of the F1 Pit building and had to enter through some deserted looking gravel path to reach the main building. Then, there were no parking lots. Dear1 drove the the point nearest to the entrance where Dear2 and Baby1 got off and waited there. Shortly after, another security came along and told Dear1 that we could not park there. She stated that there was a large signage (which we missed) at the entrance of the Singapore Flyer dropoff point that people going to the F1 Pit building for race pack collection will have to park in the Singapore Flyer underground carpark instead. Because the run organizers did not “book/rent” the open space outside the F1 Pit building.

O..k.. Ramble ramble, spent some time arguing with the security to buy time and true enough, Dear2 and Baby1 appeared just as the security walked away and off we went too. The security went on directing traffic and basically asked all cars to move away from the F1 Pit building. All I can say is that this is poor planning on the part of the run organizers.

Luckily, inside the collection venue, the queue moved pretty fast though we actually have to queue twice, once for the bibs and once for the goodie bag.  As per any running events, there’ll be sponsors and we quickly snaked through the many sponsors’ booths before exiting the packed room which, by the time we left, was almost near the point of deafening.

The event is next week, and Baby1 is really looking forward to it.

Constantly hmming ‘Kids Run’ – Checked

Running shoes – Checked

Small hand towel – Checked

Training – Did 400m jog once, so considered checked

Let’s hope this Sunday will be fun, and maybe we can cultivate her interest in exercise (where exercise do not equals to playground, Baby1!).  After this, there’ll be the Jurong Lake Kids Run on 7 July too.  There’s a kids race for the upcoming Pioneer Run, and some Kids Sprint which we saw the ad in Safra, but we think that it’s probably too much to expect of a 3yo at this stage.

Gambatte, Baby1!

– Dear1 and Dear2


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