On Losing Weight

I did it!  I’ve gone from a bigger than XL to a M/L now, keke…  I lost 6 kg in 6 months, now 55kg.  Here’s how.

1)      Eat less.  I try to cut out on rice and have soups-only during lunch.  On days when I don’t feel hungry, I skip breakfast.  I eat only when I feel hungry, and I eat the foods that I like during this time.  For dinner, my plate is only ¼ rice, and a lot of dishes.  I try to avoid bread and biscuits and rice and flour, unless I am hungry.

2)      Eat my favourites. Nope, not raw yucky salads or fibre-ry wholemeals.  I still eat chips and chocolates and fried chicken and milk tea and hot milo, but only when I am hungry (becos I’d skipped breakfast).  So I still can have my favourites but these replace the main meal, as compared to becoming an ADDITIONAL in the stomach.

3)      Have half a cup of coffee.  Or maybe 1/3 cup only.  For many people including myself, coffee is a comfort food, but instead of having the daily full cup, I make 1/3 cup only for myself, which is about enough for me to satisfy the taste buds; any extras will only give nominal satisfaction, so not worth it lah.

4)      Exercise.  Yeah, you still need to exercise to target the right curves.  So I wake up at 6am to do half an hour of hula hoop every weekday morning, or replace with 10 min weights lifting or 5 min sit up if I’m too sleep-deprived to get up on time.  And more recently, I try to jog a few km during Sundays for a thorough work out.

5)      Stay stress free. It’s hard sometimes, but the human willpower collapse easily when you are stressed.  I’ve packed back many many grams because of this, when the will is not strong enough and gives in to more snacks and food and sugar drinks and everything food.

6)      Have a competition with like-minded friends. Yeah, the 6 kg lose in 6 months was documented because we had a competition among a few colleagues. Maybe I’m competitive, or maybe I’m stingy, but I’d really ‘step up’ on my dieting efforts towards the end of the challenge, because I want to look better than them, and because I don’t want to pay the forfeit.

7)      Use a tummy slimming cream.  I bought the Bio essence tummy cream, but I really don’t see/feel any effects of it.  The waist is slimmer now, but I’ll attribute it to the hula hoops. But since money already spent, I’ll definitely finish the (2) tubes.

8)      Don’t finish your food.  It’s wasteful, I know, but for this period of time, losing weight is more important than being environmentally friendly.  So since Mixed Vege Rice, Fish Soup and Soups do not come in ‘pay less for less rice’, I’d stop buying the rice entirely.  For snacks, I’ll keep the rest when satisfaction has been met or hunger satisfied.

55kg was the target that I set for myself earlier this year, so now the next target is 52kg, after which we’ll just have to maintain.  Don’t be complacent yet, I have to tell myself, we still want to look our best, so that we can feel the best constantly.


– Dear2


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