Don’t Waste!

Urgh, I need to finish all the food in the house again!

Prune juice bought when I was expecting Baby2 – throw!

Packet milk bought for Baby1 to try, expiring next month – discard!

Vitamin C pills bought when we were TTCing Baby2, not expired yet – keep in the fridge first.

Pork floss that FIL bought during CNY – cook porridge for tomorrow’s breakfast!

I’m not sure if it’s because our house is small, or maybe I really do have a fetish against keeping too many things in our house, or maybe our consumption is low, or maybe we (I) really bought too many things (hmm… why is buying so un-resistible?)  Every now and then, I’ll ‘clean out’ the house by throwing all the expired food, or strive to eat up all those expiring ones.  Today happens to be THE day, moody-post-holiday day.

Apart from food, I really need to consume all the other stuff too.

Do a pedicure for BFF’s wedding next week – let’s DIY, there’s still 2 bottles of nail polish at home

Rejuvenating foot massage at the parlour – just do it at home on our massage chair!

Exercise – just do your hula hoop, it’s free.

Lunch today – comprises of 1 太阳饼, 1 pineapple tart, 1 packet 铁蛋 and 1 bottled milk tea, all courtesy from Taiwan!

Now that our Taiwan holiday is over, the next ‘event’ will be to source for our second home.  This second home is gonna cost a bomb, maybe wiping out all our savings plus deficit, so we really need to be as thrifty as we can.  Save more, consume less, and finish up all those that is already in the house.

– Dear2


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