To Taiwan with the Babies!

We may be adventurous, we may be fearless.  Dear1 and Dear2 brought our 2 little babies to Taiwan over the Vesak Day long weekend.

We brought Baby1 to Korea when she was 18 months old.  Fussy, being at the terrible-twos age, fell sick there, and mummy had a super tiring time Beco-ing her as she was so heavy at that time.

Baby1 is now 3y4mo and Baby2 is 8mo, and we went traveling again, this time to Taichung/Cing Jing. Being cautious, we brought the Parents-in-Laws and Sister-in-Law along too, so that there’s more hands to help.

More hands to help

6 more hands to help, yes, but 3 more headaches and irritation too.  Conclusion: I think we can manage our next trip without them, thank you.

Flight on Singapore Airlines

Departed Singapore at 12 noon, returned to Singapore at 7pm.  Chose SQ as the timing is good so that we don’t have to wake up super early, or reach home super late.  An important factor when you have young kids.  Remembering the Korea trip, Baby1 was way too excited to sleep during the midnight flight, gosh….

Baby2 had the bassinet seat, which she had a nap during both the flights and mummy and daddy can have a breather while 3yo Baby1 entertained herself climbing on the seats and snacking on cuttlefish stripes.  Both kids finished all the milk feeds way before we finish the ascend/descend, so not sure if that helped in their ear blocks at all.

No kids meal cos’ Papa forgot to order, no infant meals cos’ they did not offer.  And when we asked for toys to entertain the kids, they gave us pouches and card holders.  Ermm, not toys?

Taiwan Weather

Papa says the mountains will be 15degC, and Taichung is Singapore weather, so mummy packed both cold and normal wear.  As expected, the 3 luggage is full of clothes of which 30% was un-utilised.  Better to bring more than less, right.

Hiring a Driver

We hired a local driver for the whole trip.  Comfortable 8-seater Volkswagon T9 with plenty space for all including 2 baby car seats.  Driver helped to carry the kids when we were busy too.  A huge disappointment was that driver was dominated by FIL with his political talks throughout the entire journey, and hardly have the chance to introduce the place to us.

Flying Cow Ranch and Cing Jing

We spent the first 4D3N in the mountains.  Refreshing and cooling.  Fed the cows, sheep and duck. Baked cookies.  Farm tour.  Park stroll.  Cartoon King paper-themed restaurant.  Mountain top view.  Hot spring (aka hot hot swimming pool in Baby1’s terms).  Just the right kind of holiday for families with toddlers.  As for the Baby2, she probably didn’t appreciate much at her age.

Taichung City

Traffic jams.  Night markets which was completely swarmed with people when the roads closed at 7pm.  Sun Moon Lake which was a super touristy spot that was too loud and full with PRCs and cigarette smoke.  The Ah-po’s tea eggs are still a must-have though, Baby1 had 2 full eggs!


Spacious, clean, simple breakfast that was just so yummy.  Minsu had bed warmer which warmed us all on the chilly mountain.  We borrowed baby bath tub on all the accommodation, to think that Papa wanted to spend $30 on an inflatable travel bath tub, heng…

Baby Carrier

Highly recommended for travel use.  Not only does the baby fall asleep immediately in it (as evidenced for both Baby1 during her time, and now Baby2), we are more mobile too.  No need to check in the stroller during flight, and no fear of steps or hills.  Of course baby mustn’t be too heavy, and mummy don’t mind the muscle ache at the end of the day.

Overall the trip was vey fun, and I think Baby1 enjoyed herself too.  Thank you Dear1 for planning this trip.

– Dear2


3 thoughts on “To Taiwan with the Babies!

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  2. Hi, nice post! Inspired to go for a trip with baby to Taichung after reading your post. Can email me the contacts of the driver and if convenient your itinerary also please? Thanks a lot :)

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