$3 Lunch @ Raffles Place, where, where?

Dear1 did a tally of our monthly expenses, here’s the approximate breakdown:

Insurance – 5.68%

Fixed Costs (include allowance to parents, transport, food, groceries and telco) – 29.2%

Childcare – 9.6%

Leisure – 2.6%

Car – 11.2%

Savings – 42.0%

The expenses sounds like an under estimate, cos some of the items are estimated.  I don’t think we spend only $100 per month on entertainment/new clothes/restaurants/ang baos for birthdays or weddings/holidays. Also, extraordinary expenses like a new fan for the hot season, recontract for new handphone, replacement for leaking shower head, etc not included.

Insurance is going to go up as I am beefing up our coverage with term insurance, plus getting a whole life plan for Baby2.  And our house…..  We need to have a lot of money for that!

So, here I am racking my brains on how to cut costs.  Childcare, car, these costs will only go up.  One of the ways to save more is to reduce my personal consumption.

Dear1 budgeted $10 per day for my meals, while his own budget is $4 (vast difference because I work in Raffles Place!).   I usually have a $5 soup, plus some afternoon snacks or morning breakfast.  That’s way too spendthrift.  Perhaps I need to walk further to Lau Pa Sat or Golden Shoe for cheaper meals, instead of the super convenient but expensive Arcade.  If I can get lunch at $3 everyday, then that’s only $66 per month, compared to $220 per month now, wow!  Ok, maybe $3 will be pretty tough to find around in Raffles Place, let’s target $3.50 then.  Really have to look at the price tag of every meal.  Perhaps I’ll embark on this project to track the cost of my daily lunch, and the location of all the cheap cheap food.  Hmm…

– Dear2


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