Jurong Lake Run 850m Kids Dash 2013

Hot on the heels of Cold Storage Kids Run, we decided to register Baby1 for the Jurong Lake Run Kids Dash. Firstly because she seem to really enjoy the running event and receiving her Finish Medal. Secondly because it is really near to our home so it is really convenient to drop off Baby2 at Dear1’s parents’ house in the morning before going to the run.

We registered early.

Some time in late May, Baby1’s Mulberry school announced that they are supporting the Jurong Lake Run and encouraged all students to participate. At that time, Dear2 and Baby1 had already registered. We informed the school and was glad that we are still allowed to represent the school in our run despite our personal registration. And we got the complimentary Mulberry running t-shirt as well. Hooray!

Race packing collection was over the weekend of 29-30 Jun. It was originally to be held at Dragon Phoenix Court, Chinese Garden. But perhaps due to the haze situation just 2 weeks ago, they changed the venue to Taman Jurong Community Club instead. So, on that Sunday, we made our way there to collect our race pack. Dear1 waited in the car along the road while Dear2 and Baby1 made their way in. Collection was smooth and fast, and they even met Baby1’s school principal there.

Today was the big day. We woke up at around 6.30am to get ready. Because Dear2 is having a wedding event later the same day, we have to pack for the entire day. So, with our barang barang, we set off at 7.30am and arrived at Dear1’s parents’ place at 8am. We let Baby2 go take her morning nap while Dear1, Dear2 and Baby1 walked towards the starting point near Jurong Secondary School.

At the starting point, we met most of Baby1’s teachers and many of her classmates and their parents, all ready for the Kids Dash in their purple Mulberry t-shirts. Clearly, Mulberry members were the majority there.

The run flagged off promptly at 9am. Baby1 was better prepared this time as we told her to calm down and wait for the people in front of her to move off. The crowd was also significantly lesser than at Cold Storage Kids Run. In less than a minute after the buzz, it was Baby1’s turn to get moving.

Dear2 and Baby1 ran hand in hand while Dear1 was all over the place taking photos. 850m turns out to be quite a distance for Baby1 and she stopped several times to catch her breathe. Being quite competitive, whenever her classmate C was nearby, Baby1 will start running forward to keep ahead. The cat and mouse chase went on and both of them had fun. Finally, Baby1 and her classmate C crossed the finish line nearly side by side.

After the run, Baby1 had a can of 100plus all to herself and she managed to finish all of it. We made our way into Chinese Garden to attend the carnival but it turned out rather hot and uninspiring. We had this $10 complimentary carnival coupon which we never found out how to use. The volunteer staff didn’t know either.

So, we head back and walked all the way back to Dear1’s parents’ house, retracing the 850m route that we’ve just ran. By then, Baby1 was very tired and we ended up carrying her most of the way back.

Baby1 received her second finisher medal and she was proud of it. This time, Dear2 didn’t have to carry her during the run. Baby1 completed the run all by herself. Good work and well done!

Baby1 wore her finisher medal the whole day, even for her afternoon nap. When asked, she is eager to join another kids run. So, we’ll be on a lookout for more kids run  for the rest of the year.

Really glad that Baby1 enjoys participating in running events just like us. :)



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