I Need Exercise!

53kg.  Lighter than my pre-Baby2 weight.  I should be happy.  But I’m still not satisfied.  The dress that I’m wearing is an L.  Maybe it feels slightly loose on me, but still it means that I’m still a mid way between M and L.  When I used to be S/M.  I need to slim further!!

The tummy.   That’s the biggest problem.  I need to wake up 30min earlier everyday to do hula hoop.  But only for Mondays to Fridays, not including Public Holidays and Leave Days, and those mornings when I need to prepare lunch bento or fold the laundry or wash the clothes or do other household chore in the morning before work.  That makes about 4 hula days in a week only.  Weak.

The arms.  Another problem area that I’ve always had.  The time needed is lesser, probably about 10 min every day will do, so let’s do this if I don’t have that 30 min to do hula.

Planks.  Supposedly the most effective workout.  Needs only 1 min every day, maybe 2, 3 4 min when you get better.  Indeed, very effective, my abdominal muscles are leaner now, but conversely making the tummy more pronounced, making me look more and more like 4 months preggy.  And oh that exertion during this 1 min.  Just the thought of it makes me shudder.  I think I’d rather wake up at 6am to do the hoops.

Flabs.  I feel flabby all over, and I look flabby all over too.   Think I need some jogging.  Jogging is a good way to make the overall look toner and better.  I yearn for that toned look, back in 2007 when we did the marathon/ half marathon.  But when will I have the chance to jog, who will look after my 2 kids!?

I desperately need exercise.  Maybe in 2 years time when Baby2 is 3yo and the grandparents can look after both the kids during weekends while I go jog it out.  2 years…..

– Dear2


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