The Facebook Trap

~ 11 month old walking along the kitchen cabinets~

~ 3.5 year old doing splits before her ballet class~

~ Chicken mayo sandwich for him, and chicken mayo salad for her.  Their lunch bento for the day~

How show-off!

These are the pictures that I posted on Facebook recently, because I feel proud that my little Baby2 is already trying to walk when she’s barely 11 month old, and I am proud that my 3.5 year old Baby1 can do splits so naturally.  And for that bento photo, I wanted to show my friends that I can prepare a nice packed lunch for Dear1 to bring to work, and I had a healthy salad spread for myself.  “What a loving and creative wife”, I hoped they will think.

Though few and far in between such posts, I am already beginning to feel like a super show-off.  Relatives wowed at Baby1’s ability, and colleagues got worried that their 1yo is not even standing yet.

If I am such a show off, then what about all the numerous Facebook posts that you see every day?

Who and who went to blah blah blah country for holidays, I want to go too, how envy!

So and so received so many presents for his birthday/Christmas/farewell, how popular, I want to be like that too!

Wow, so delicious looking food.  What a nice restaurant/ how she can cook!  Salivates, slurps!

Such lovely family/ group/ individual photos.  What exciting things that they do!

OMG, he has the full collection of the cats, I want them too!

Innocent looking/ sounding, I’m sure many of these posts are merely people’s way of expressing their delight, but to the reader, 10 holiday vacations posted by 10 different friends surely makes it seem like we’re missing out on something.  Or when you see 20 of your friends’ studio style family portraits, you start to consider seriously if you should go have one taken too.  And oh, all of their nursery rooms are so filled with toys, maybe our 2 big boxful of toys is not really enough after all…

Beware!  Facebook can be very entertaining, but it does make us sad frequently too, when we compare our lack with other people’s what-have-nots.  They say we are living in an information-overloaded world now, I say we live in a world where I know “what you ate and what you bought and where you went and what you did and what you think”.  I even know “what you want to eat and what you want to buy and where you want to go and what you want to do and what you want to think”!  Information super overload, but all redundant ones, don’t you agree!?

Beware of the Facebook trap!  But anyway I’m still going to continue this daily entertaining reads, and post my show-off photos.  :p

– Dear2


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