3D2N Phuket @ Anantara Vacation Club

Dear1 received an offer from Anantara Vacation Club and off we went on a 3D2N ‘secret’ getaway to Phuket, all on our own!

The deal first. We only have to pay $95 for the hotel taxes, plus sit through a 90 minute presentation, and we get to stay in a 1-bedroom suite in Anantara Vacation Club, Mai Khao for 3 days.  Hotel transfers and breakfast are included too.  Sounds good!

Our 1 bedroom suite at Anantara Vacation Club, Mai Khao.

Our 1 bedroom suite at Anantara Vacation Club, Mai Khao.

On Day 1, we took a 2hr MRT ride to Changi Airport, and a 1hr 50min Jetstar flight to Phuket international Airport.  Ride to hotel was only 15 min away.  Upon check in, we quickly searched online for the menu from Kindee Restaurant and called them up for ordering. The food came promptly within an hour.  After dinner, we walked over to Turtle Village which was right across the road from AVC.  Swenson’s, Coffee Club, Bill Bentley restaurant, a supermart and some other shops, Turtle Village seems to really only serve the residents in these 3 resorts, namely AVC, Anantara Villa and Marriot.  Contrary to what some forumers say, not everything in the supermart is over priced.  The beer is 20 baht cheaper than the ones we got at the airport (80 baht each), and the Magnum is 1 baht cheaper too ( we got at 60 baht at the airport).  Since the night was still young, Dear1 and I had a drink each in Coffee Club where we experienced a power blackout halfway through.  The lights were quickly restored, phew.

Turtle Village day and night.

Turtle Village day and night.

Magnums galore! 59 bath at airport, 60 bath at Turtle Village, 40 bath at Patong 7-11. Size (in ml) is slightly smaller than those sold in Singapore.

Magnums galore! 59 bath at airport, 60 bath at Turtle Village, 40 bath at Patong 7-11. Size (in ml) is slightly smaller than those sold in Singapore.

Day 2, we woke up at 7+.  The day was already bright, and we had a leisure breakfast before heading to the Preview Centre for the presentation.  Having experienced for ourselves the resort, the timeshare idea does seem very cool.  Pay SGD 500+ every month for 10 years, and you get to enjoy a week every year in such relaxing resorts for 27 years.  Very cool, but very expensive. The first presenter finally let us off after failing to close the deal on the spot, and led us to a survey which turns out to be another deal trying to sell you their trial package. This one only has to pay SGD 100+ for 1 year, and you get to go for 1 trip.  Very cool, but again, we are not prepared to spend this kind of money.

The view from our apartment block, and breakfast restaurant.

The view from our apartment block, and breakfast restaurant.

Had a quick lunch from our last evening’s leftover phad thai and pineapple rice (warmed up in the microwave oven), and off we went to Patong Beach via the Shuttle Bus.   Gosh, it was really a 1 hr’s ride away.  Had a relaxing Thai Massage in 5 Star Massage, got tickets to the Simon Cabaret show through a local agency booth (we got them at 550 baht per tix for VIP seats; it’ll be 800 baht if you get them directly at the sales office) and we walked along the main street down to the venue.  The show was entertaining except for the Chinese opera and Barbie segments (yawnz and urghhhhhhhhhh).  We had dinner across Simon, tiger prawns that didn’t taste fresh at all, but nonetheless, still edible, and finally took a cab back to AVC.

Our day at Patong Beach.

Our day at Patong Beach.

Day 3, we had an early breakfast because we wanted to do the gym session at the fitness centre at 9am.  But it was all but empty, so we decided to do the stationery bicycles instead.  25min just passed by unknowingly as Dear1 and I surfed the web and watched videos on the machines, wow cool.  Went for a swim, and borrowed the complimentary bicycles where we rode out to Mai Khao beach for a quick 30min massage in the pavilion by the sea.  By 2pm, we checkout and went to Bill Bentley for lunch, and finally off to the Airport for our flight home.

Visit to the beach and massage.

Visit to the beach and massage.

The total budget for our trip was $430 (last minute tickets for 2 by Jetstar) + $95 (Anantara Vacation Club 1 bedroom suite for 2 nights including breakfast and airport transfer) + $31.85 (travel insurance) + $316 (spendings) = $872.85.

It was a truly relaxing getaway for Dear1 and me.  No kids, relaxing, it was indeed a much needed chance for us to connect and indulge in each other’s company.  It had been 4 years since Dear1 and I went on a trip by ourselves.  Having our 2 lovely kids are great, but holidaying with kids is seriously more tiring than not holidaying.  With kids, you’ll have to go for the family oriented type of vacations, like a cruise next year?  :p

– Dear2


3 thoughts on “3D2N Phuket @ Anantara Vacation Club

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for taking your time to post this.
    I got a similar deal via my Citibank credit card for Anantara Vacation Club Phuket stay. It was too good to refuse but I was concerned about their hard sell tactics during their preview.

    Hearing your story at least kind of reassures me :)
    Thanks again


    • Hi Ron,

      Glad to be of help.

      A few notes. The preview centre is at AVC in Mai Khao, so if you are staying at any of their other properties other than AVC Mai Khao, you will be ferried there by car. The distance is 1 hour from Patong.

      Their package is pretty good actually, but we don’t see ourselves as resort people, so we didn’t sign up. Do evaluate your own travelling styles and go in with some ideas of your future travel plans, to see if your expectation match up with their offerings.

      Have fun.


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