2014 New Year Resolutions

Dear1 and Dear2 reviewed our 2013 resolutions, and set our 2014 new year resolutions during a ‘date’ at JEM. We took leave that day, and spend the afternoon at the newly opened JEM grocery shopping, shopping for a replacement for Dear1’s broken wallet, and did our resolutions over a Starbucks mocha frappe and mudpie. There was some discounts using Citibank Credit Card at Starbucks, and some vouchers + gift wrap from JEM. Not bad a deal!

Anyway, for 2013 resolutions, we did pretty well, about 75% accomplished. Dear1 finally changed his job, (though I didn’t get poached anywhere), I slimmed to 53kg long time ago, Dear1 (sorta) quit facebook and pelt away from being glued to his smart phone, we went to Kitty Land and Legoland a long time ago in last December and March, and we bought a couple of dividend paying unit trusts. Not a bad year for us.

So for 2014, here we go again:

– 70kg
– Do daily planks

– Waist 27 inch
– Do daily abs or arms exercise
– Do 1 face mask every month
– Talk to at least 5 people (not including Dear1, Baby1 and Baby2) every day
– Speak slowly

– Kiss dear Good Morning AND Good Night every day
– 1 date every month
– Weekly talk/ beer time
– Write 1 post every month (each)
– Join 3 events (1 half marathon, 1 full and 1 others)
– Monthly place of interest (somewhere new)
– 1 Batam and 1 Cruise trip
– Be patient with the kids. Read, play and listen to them.
– Maximise our cash
– Organise monthly get-together/gaming with friends, relatives, kids or dear

According to 2 fengshui masters, the year of the Horse will see Monkeys travelling to optimise opportunities. Couples also need to exercise lots of tolerance towards each other as tempers will flare easily. Wonder will it be Dear1 or Dear2 who will get to travel (dun worry, if Dear1 has to travel, then all of us will go bunk in Granny’s house; if Dear2 has to travel, then everybody go to Ah Ma’s house, relax………). Tolerance, yes, lots of it I need. Stay chill, as we work hand in hand together to create and maintain a happy family for our family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Dear2


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