Tangs @ Vivocity

Toscano Bag – $349 before less 20% Birthday Month discount

Sorella panties (3 in a pack) – $17.90 but paid $1.70 for it

Parking at Vivocity – $4.20 but paid $0, still got $0.80 credit left

Vivocity Ang Bao packets in cute box – Complimentary

Woohoo! I finally got my birthday present at Tangs Vivo last week after much comparing and deliberation. Went specially all the way down to Vivo to get the bag as Dear1 has some Tangs-Citibank membership with 20% discount on selected categories for one time purchase during birthday month. After paying, we were told that we’ve earned some credit points of about $16.20 so we grabbed a pack of panties which is worth about that amount to net this off before it’s forgotten expiry.

On our way out, we wanted to check with Vivo’s concierge if there’s a Bak Kwa shop in the building, for our new year gifts to the parents. Learnt that we can apply for Vivocity complimentary parking ($1 for every $50 spendings, cap at $5 per day), so we did the application and redeemed $5 worth of parking credits. There was a complimentary pack of ang bao in a pretty magnetic box for $180 (??) spendings during the festive season so we got one too.

Geez. $70 savings on my birthday bag, plus free panties, plus free parking, plus free ang bao packets. We used to think that there isn’t anything for us to buy in Vivocity. GAP, Coach, hmm… I don’t even know all those atas brands for young people now, mature parents as we are now only shop in supermarkets and departments stores. But what a surprise that we’ve purchased quite a few big ticket items from Tang Vivo these few years. My Toscano bag now, Dear1’s Renoma Birthday bag last year, our 2 Hush Puppies Travel luggages, and a cooking pot. Who knows, we might come back again soon~

– Dear2


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