What a fun 2D1N stay at Legoland Malaysia!


7.00am: The 17-pax mini bus picked up the first family from Punggol. We’re going with our cousins’ families!

7.30am: Bus arrives at our house in Bukit Batok. 17-pax mini bus to ferry 10 adults and 8 children, with luggages?! Hmm… Baby2’s stroller barely had enough space at the back of the bus.

8.10am: Picked up 2 other families from Jurong West.

8.20am: Reached Tuas Checkpoint. Told you there’s a bus lane/ bay here. Tour agent whom we booked the bus with insisted that there’s none, and if we insist on using Tuas Link and not Woodlands Link, we need to top up $40 on top of the $400 that we are already paying. What the!?!?!?

8.40am: Cleared customs and asked Driver to bring us to a local Kuay Teow Soup shop. 1 bowl of small Kuay Teow Soup cost only RM4.80!! Total cost RM60 for 10 adults 8 children, unbelievable!!

10.00am: Reached Legoland Malaysia Hotel. Deposited 4 hard case suitcases at the concierge, day bags to be lugged to the parks. For our family (Dear1, Dear2, Baby1, Baby2, Uncle), we had a stroller, diaper bag, swim bag, snacks bag, and Uncle’s backpack. Heavy…….

10.30am: Finally reached Legoland Water Park. We bought the 1 Day Combo tickets. Plan is to play water park in the morning, then afternoon Land Park till closing. Baby2 was having her morning nap, so we chose a well sheltered place where Papa helped to look after all the bags while everyone go out to play! Baby2 slept for a good 2 hours while Mummy and Papa took turns trying out the rides with Baby1. She went 4 times on the big 6-pax float, twice on the Lazy River, multiple waddles on the Wave Pool, and played at the Water Zoo.

12.30pm: Lunch time. RM25 Nasi Lemak for me. RM15 Kids Meal (Fish Nuggets + Fries, 1 packet Ribena, 1 cup fruits) to be shared with Baby1. Hmm this is more worth it than the Lemak meal! Baby2 woke up, had milk, and after that, our family went back into the Wave Pool. It’s the first time that Baby2 went swimming (such was the treatment for #2s…). She loved it lots!

1.00pm: Our family showered while the others had lunch after their showers. Poor poor design for the toilets. There wasn’t a children shower area; kids have to either go with Daddy to the Male Shower Rooms, or with Mummy to the Female ones. What if only Daddies are available with older girls!?!? Mummy took Baby2 while Papa and Uncle took turns with Baby1 in the Gents.

2.30pm: Finally everyone bathed, off we went to Legoland Land Park. The older kids (9, 8, 7, 5 year olds) went to take the Roller Coaster. The younger ones (2x 4 year olds) couldn’t even clear the height limit to sit the Tea Cups. Big Uncle brought them to the Water Ride as there wasn’t any queues. Hmm… It’s way past nap time for them both le……

3.00pm: The older kids went off to the Dragon’s Cave while the rest of us stayed under a hut to look after the bags. Sudden downpour! Decided to head to the Hotel to keep away from the rain, and to find somewhere where Baby1 can take her nap. Cannot do without a nap, she’ll surely KO if she goes without one! Raincoats, umbrellas, finally reached the Hotel but the rain had subsided by then…

3.45pm: Finally can check in. Our Adventure-themed room is so cool! Very big King-sized bed overlooking Legoland; Double decker bunk bed with a pullout too. SGD 391 for 1 night’s stay is indeed very expensive, but I think it’s well worth the money.

The younger kids proceeded to take their naps, and the older ones continued on their quest in the Park. Baby1 napped. Baby2 played with the Lego bricks in the room. Papa tried to solve the code for the treasure chest. Mummy KOed too.

5.45pm: Mummy woke up with a start. Both kids are awake le. 15 more minutes to the closing of the Park, not enough time to go down le. But we paid for Combo tickets, only to go 2 rounds on the Lego car!!! (Much later, we realised that today the Park closes at 7pm. The Concierge gave us the wrong info!)

6.00pm: Arranged dinner time with the cousins, and went to Hotel Lobby to play Lego.

7.00pm: Went to Merdini Mall for dinner. We ate Mexican Food (about SGD 10 per pax) and had Secret Recipe cakes. Very full!

8.30pm: Went back to room, showered everyone, and lights out. Finally solved the puzzle and opened the Treasure Chest and found 3 packets of Lego inside! Baby1 slept in the bunk bed all by herself!


8.00am: Breakfast buffet at the Hotel Restaurant. Luckily we were early, the queue got very long shortly afterwards. Food so-so, but the dinnerware were very dirty……

9.00am: Swimming in the Hotel Pool. Baby1 and Baby2 had so much fun in the kids pool!

10.00am: Back to room to shower and pack.

11.00am: Hotel check out. Driver brought us to Sutera Mall which was just a short drive away. You can go to Bukit Indrah Mall too, which is another mega shopping centre here in JB.
Baby1 and Baby2 fell asleep while we had lunch in Ajisen Ramen. Papa and Mummy sat and chat while Uncle walked out in search of Secret Recipe. The Durian Cake yesterday was yummy!

1.30pm: Baby1 finally woke up, got her a loaf of raisin bread, and we went outside the Mall to a durian shop. Driver said that the durians are cheap and good, but they were the same prices in Singapore! Hmm……

2.30pm: Went back to shop, and played catching running around with the cousins.

4.30pm: Driver picked us for dinner. The first dinner place was closed today; the second one was not opened for dinner yet, finally reached a third place. We wanted to eat seafood, but turns out mainly Zi Char Food….

6.15pm: Finished dinner, and proceeded to the Customs. Spent some time queuing, and saw much more crowd coming in..….

7.30pm: Dropped us off at Bukit Batok. Still in time to watch Star Awards 2014!

What a fun trip! We paid $722.60 (SGD) for hotel, driver, Park tickets, Travel Insurance for 3 Adults 2 Kids. For a 2D1N, it was considered very expensive, but being able to travel with the cousins (first time for all of us), and the Legoland Hotel being so cool, I think it’s worth the money! But we’ll probably wait till the kids are older (and taller) to go again.

– Dear2


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