Garfield Run 2014

In June, Dear1 and I did the Jurong Lake Run. In July, I did the Garfield Run with Baby1.  It was fun!!

As usual, 1 week before the Run, we collected the Race Pack from Orchard Central. The running tees looked too big for Baby1 and me, so I went to exchange for 1 size smaller.  Alas, both adult and kid’s tees were OOS, and we ended up with 2 sizes smaller.  The length was ok, but the width was just right – let’s hope Baby1 don’t outgrow it too soon, and let’s hope mummy don’t get too fat again!

Actual run day on 19 July, it was a NDP rehearsal day too.  Means there’ll be fireworks!  We reached the Promontory@Marina Bay exactly 15 mins before the Kids Run flag off at 4.30pm.  If we thought that it’s crowded, wait till you see the Family Fun Run crowd – it’s at least 10 times bigger!

At exactly 4.30pm, the Run was flagged off with us waving to Garfield and Odie mascots on the stage.  Omg, Baby1 do not know who is Garfield, much less Odie!

Jog, run, jog, tired, jog, encourage to go on, jog, tired, walk, encourage further that running is not easy but we persevere, jog, oh there’s a U turn point ahead, jog, cheer leaders around, jog, tired, see we’ve past the U turn point, less than halfway to go, walk, encourage see can enjoy the beautiful scenery while jogging, jog, walk, oh I can see the Start Point, means End Point should be coming in view soon, jog, walk, yeah, there’s the End Point, walk, yeah we’ve past the Start Point, last 100m, jog, sprint, Yeah we did it!  Pant pant!

Sooooo proud of Baby1 for completing the 1.5km run all by herself.  Thought we were definitely the less 10 percentile of the pack, but she completed it all on her own!  After checking the time with Papa, we realised that it was barely 20mins!

By then it was only 5pm, and we had to wait till 8pm for the fireworks, oh gosh.  Ate our packed bento ricebox which Papa decorated beautifully, along the Bayfront at the Promontory, and we decided to head over the MBS Shoppes for some air con and shopping,

Oh, there’s a Marina City Gallery along the way. Wow, there’s going to be more developments out at the Marina Bay area, amazing.  Oh, there’s a DBS free movie screening at 7.3opm right outside MBS Shoppes.  Ohhhh, MBS is so big and quiet.  And thank god for the air con!

At 7.45pm, we headed outside to get a good spot.  By then, the Promontory though recommended for fireworks watching, should be packed full of all the runners from the Garfield Run, so we stationed ourselves on the waterfront outside MBS Shoppes.

At 8.10pm, the display of fireworks was amazing!  Those at the Floating Platform were partially blocked, but those from the water was in full view right in front of us.  As Baby1 and I were seated on the floor, I ended up having slight strained neck from all that head raising! Baby2 was interested in watching the fireworks but was equally frightened by the loud Booms.

The scenery at the Garfield Run was definitely fantastic.  We even went back to the Promontory for more fireworks watching the following Saturday, and contemplated to go back again this Saturday!

Will we join he Garfield Run again next year?  Hmm, if they are giving out another Garfield plush toy next year, then I’ll have to seriously consider -we don’t have the space for more plush toys!  Btw, the plush toys were only available from this week on, means we actually have to go down to Orchard Central twice! And we bought the Jumbo Garretts popcorn twice!

– Dear2


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