Kidzania Malaysia

Our second road trip in one month, to Kidzania KL!

Over the Hari Raya Haji long weekend, we headed on a road trip to KL. Got stuck on the Second Link for 1.5 hours (as expected, though the stuck could have reduced if we had reached the Tuas Customs before 8am as planned; what to do, it’s the long weekend, and Woodlands Customs recently imposed a toll…). Once cleared the customs, we got stuck in slow traffic twice (can you believe this!?) on the North-South Highway.

Stopped over at Machap for some lunch, and continued the drive to our KL apartment. It was 4.30pm by the time we reached the apartment, and because we didn’t check out the KLCC Aquarium’s opening hours before we came, we ended up just doing some groceries shopping (mainly for drinking water) at Ampang Mall and went back to the apartment to admire the KL view.

The great view from our apartment at Damai Vista

The great view from our apartment at Damai Vista

Next morning, following our Australia experience, we woke up at 6am, fed the kids milk, and rushed everybody out of the house. It was already 7.30am when we left the house though the plan was to finish breakfast and start on the drive to Kidzania by 8am. I had read a blog on Kidzania earlier, and the review was to reach earlier to buy the tickets and do the check in before the doors open at 10am.

Without GPS or any data plan, we tried to find the way using printed maps and instructions. We could have reached Kidzania at Petaling Jaya without a hitch, but we took an exit too early and veered off the path. Paid for a taxi to lead the way, and we were finally there.

Hmm… At 9.30am, the queue for online booking was pretty long, but for the regular walk-in queue, there was only 2 families in front of us. Quickly got in line, and saw the notice that says “counter open at 9.30am”. Hmm…. At 9.45am, we finally bought the tickets, put on the wristbands, and proceeded upstairs. As we were one of the first few families, the Check In process was fairly a breeze too.

The check in counter at Kidzania just before opening hours

The check in counter at Kidzania just before opening hours

First stop: Fire Station. It was said that this is one of the most popular station, so in order to minimize waiting time, this has be the first station to go to. The Fire Station is undoubtedly fun! The kids donned on their firefighter uniform and hat (Baby1 maintained a straight face throughout, and I think she was trying very hard not to let the hat drop!), and boarded the fire engine which went one round the premise to put out a fire at a burning Hotel. Cool!

The fire engine driving through the streets of Kidzania City

The fire engine driving through the streets of Kidzania City

For public holidays, the opening hours are 10am to 3pm (first session) and 4pm to 9pm (afternoon session). For normal days, you get to play for 7 hours. So since we have to leave at 3pm, no time can be wasted here! Baby1 tried 13 other professions, including Cashier, Petrol Kiosk Attendent, Sushi Chef, Marybrown Attendant, Nurse, Vitagen Maker, Medic, Photographer, Optician, Painter and Policewoman. For the 3 food related industries, you get to bring back the food that you prepared too. The sushi, sandwich and burger became Baby1’s lunch for the day! And there was a bottle of Vitagen each for the kids, supposedly to be the one which they made earlier, haha!

Putting our fire at the hotel

Putting our fire at the hotel

As we did not buy a ticket for Baby2 (we under-declared her age and reported her as under 2yo though she just passed her 2 yo birthday a few days earlier), so she did not get to participate in any activities, poor Baby2. But even if she had a wristband, I doubt that she can participate much as most of the Level 1 stations have requirements of minimum 4 yo. There were a couple of rooms on Level 2 for babies to play, I mean really play with toys, so not so much of role-playing. Nevertheless, we managed to sneak in Baby2 to be role-play as a Patient when Baby1 was the Medic.

A sample of the activities available at one of the activity stations

A sample of the activities available at one of the activity stations

There were a couple other stations which we didn’t get to do. We saw the Flight Simulator on Level 2 too late – there was a long queue for this. And the vitamin research looks fun too, but it was already nearing closing and that was already the last session for the day.

At 3pm, everything closed, so we went to redeem the Kidzos (monies) earned. We were handed a 50 Kidzo cheque when we first arrived, and at the end of the day, we were up to 90 Kidzo. Baby1 had a busy day doing so many professions and earning so much money, haha! We went to the Department Store but were told that most of the merchandise were more expensive (more than 100 Kidzos). There were cheaper stuff down at the Shopping Alley. We paid for a 70 Kidzos body tattoo for Baby1 which we requested the kind attendent to apply it for her on the spot.

We took 40min to reach Kidzania, and 20min to return to our apartment. Sure enough, both kids were KOed on the drive back, but totally rejected sleep when we reached the apartment. We headed for a swim in the pool before quickly heading back again as Baby2’s lips were turning purple from the cold. Brr…

Next morning, no rush, so we woke up at 7am, packed up everything, returned to the same place at Imbi for breakfast (KL roads are really very complicated, and since we do not want to risk getting lost again, familarity is best), and headed for the drive home. There were many rest stops along the road, but we stopped at Pagoh, another of the bigger stop for lunch, petrol, and some authentic otah to bring home. Dear1 and I had a Magnum each too – it cost only 4 Ringgit each!!

Reached Jurong at 3pm. As expected (heng ah), this timing was good so as to avoid all the returners who will come back in the later part of the day.

It was a really short holiday, but totally fun! As we stayed in the grandparents’ apartment for the trip, so accommodation cost was zero. No airfare, so only have to pay the petrol and toll which cost not more than 100 Ringgit. Food in Malaysia is cheaper too. The chicken rice we had in Pagoh cost only 4 Ringgit, and total Kidzania entrance fees for 4 adults 2 kids was only 255 Ringgit (about SGD100). A very value-for-money trip!

Will we return to Kidzania again? Yes, hmm, but maybe no. Kidzania is coming to Singapore (Sentosa) in June 2015, but I can’t imagine what kind of professions will be exibited. SIA Stewardess? Tiger Beer Manufactor? (ermm, maybe not). RWS Casino Operator? (ermm, surely not!) Seriously, in Singapore’s context, we have more white collar professions. Do you think Kidzania will be fun if there’s only Office Workers kind of professions? And also, it’s the staff that brings out the atmosphere. Even though adults are totally not allowed into the room when the activity is conducted, you can tell that the Staff are all putting their hearts into the interaction that they have with the kids. Kudos to them, when you have to role-play the same activity over and over and over again.

Hmm, but maybe we can consider Kidzania at other locations. We read afterwards that the Kidzos banked in can be used at your next visit. No wonder we saw many children queuing at the CIMB Bank at closing time.

Will we return to Malaysia again? Yes, road trip to Malaysia is fun! The drive to KL is probably too long (350km away!), but Malacca (halfway there) or even Desaru seems manageable!

– Dear2


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