100% Authentic

Dear2 recently came across this battle between Xiaxue and Gushcloud, and suddenly realised that I have been so living behind times!  People are getting famous and earning bucks out of writing blogs, but why has our this blog been so quiet!?!?

Gosh, there are soooooo many newfound ‘celebrities’ now, no bother that you don’t see these celebrities on TV or movies or radios or ads (hmm actually some of them do get to become some form of celebrity afterwards, not only the exposure (read, exposed), but the endorsement money too $$$).  Nowadays, you don’t need to join the Star Search or Project Superstar or Miss Singapore to become known, you just need to write enough juicy blogs and post enough juicer photos and voila, this has become a form of means to stardom too.

But then again, the private lives of these celebrities become part of the excitement too.  Or if you have a super duper cute baby, he unknowingly becomes the attention of xx numbers of fans worldwide, unknowingly.  I wonder what will his thoughts be when one day, he realised what his mum has been doing to his private life all his life, posting every little bit of his growing years to everyone except himself.  The New Trumen Show??

Anyway, as you can tell, Dear1 Dear2 are very primitive/conservative in this aspect.  So we have no endorsement or sponsorship, so you know that we are all natural.  No Gushcloud or Nuffnang, so if we say, yes we like a product or no please steer clear of this, this really comes from us, and us truly.


– Dear2


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