Sheng Siong Lucky Draw is Real

Dear1 and Dear2 have been faithfully filling in the Lucky Draw slip for NTUC all these years.  Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, whatever, whatever.  It seems that NTUC has some kind of lucky draw every now and then, and as NTUC is our favourite supermarket, we’d always filled this in every time whenever we get a slip.  But through out all these years, we’ve never ever won even once.

Recently, Dear1 and Dear2 liked going to this Sheng Siong at West Coast Market.  Big (it’s actually 2 stories high) so we can get almost everything that we need, and it’s near to a market so we can go grocery shop after our dinner on a weekday.  But NTUC is still our favourite supermarket as its fresh food is fresher.

One day, we received a letter from Sheng Siong informing us that we’ve won their Hari Raya Lucky Draw. It was a 6-piece Cornell set, woohoo!

Our lucky draw prize from Sheng Siong

Our lucky draw prize from Sheng Siong

We’ve probably participated in more than 100 NTUC Lucky Draws all these years, and maybe 20 for Sheng Siong, but we’ve never ever won anything from NTUC.  Some to think of it, those milk, or bread, or juice, or butter kind of Lucky Draws, are they even real too?

I’m not going to waste my effort filling in NTUC Lucky Draw slips again.  Hmm, maybe I’ll continue to do so, let’s see when will I actually win anything, if it’s even real.

Since we’re talking about lucky draws, let me try to recall the other times that we’ve been lucky and won something:

  1. A Shinco tablet at NUS ECE Family Day (2nd prize)
  2. A Coffee Bean voucher from a magazine contest at Bukit Batok CC
  3. A bean bag from a marriage magazine contest
  4. Twice Shop and Win lucky draw from Standard Chartered – we got reimbursed for a restaurant meal and a mobile phone
  5. Twice board game contest at BoardGameGeek – we won a board game each time
  6. A manicure voucher at company DnD
  7. Twice Royal Caribbean email contest – an overnight travel bag and a small hand luggage
  8. Baby1 won a game of Bingo during our recent cruise

-Dear1 & Dear2


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