Weekday Jog

I have a new mission. Or rather, a new action plan to an old problem.

The waistline NYR has not been achieved for a couple of years already. Every year, I resolved to fit a cheongsum for CNY, and every year, I can only say “next year then”.

One month before Chinese New Year this year, I decided to wake up at 5.35am every weekday, and do hula hoop while watching 20min of 小毛病 大问题, 健康上菜. It’s a torture to have to drag oneself awake every weekday, so exercise and gain knowledge at the same time – one stone kills two birds, good!

But alas, our faithful laptop had to crash this time when Dear1 upgraded its OS.  This plan gets thrown out of the window, sigh….

Then I came up with the plan to go jog in the early morning on weekdays. Since I wake up at 5.35am to do hula hoop, I’ll just need to wake up 5 min earlier to jog. Since weekdays are such a torture to wake up (I’m super energetic on weekends!!), to go jogging will give me the motivation to not 爬不起来。 And if I jog every weekday, then I can sleep in during the weekends! (good cos the kids don’t wake up at 7am nowadays.)

The plan’s only been implemented for a week, but I’m feeling pretty positive about this. I’ve clocked 16km this week (4x4km), yeah. I take slightly under 30mins to do 4km, so I’ll reach home around 6.15, which is usually the time that I really wakes up even though the alarm clock is set at 6am on weekdays.
To make myself move more (for a while, some days I’d just feel as if I’m an elephant – my limbs are so heavy, my chest slumped; I can’t even sit, stand or walk straight), I’ve signed up for Zumba and Piloboxing using my ActiveSG$ and claiming under the company’s sport allowance. On these days, I’ll probably not jog as I won’t be able to dance during the evening class. Hmm, or maybe not? Heehee…

– Dear2


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