ActiveSG Dollars

I love ActiveSG Dollars!

When the Government gave out $100 ActiveSG Dollars to all, we immediately signed up.  Who don’t want free money?  Heehee….   Basically all you need to do is to open an account, and Bingo! $100 gets credited into your ActiveSG Account.

Of course, there’s always caveats to such free money. There’s restrictions on the stuff that you can do using your ActiveSG Dollars, and there’s co-payment too so you’ll still have to fork out some money from your own pocket.

Dear2 has already utilised much of her ActiveSG dollars since last year. Body Sculpt, Zumba and Piloxing.  All these lessons done at Jurong East Sports Complex which is the most convenient location for us.  The balance money is just enough to go for 1 more class by the end of the year.  Going for such classes is especially beneficial for Dear2.  Not only exercise is good for your body, Dear2 gets to work out after work while Dear1 continues work and the kids are in the grandparents’ place, and Dear2 also gets to claim part of the fee using her company’s monthly Sports Allowance.  One stone kills many birds!  What about the actual cost out-of-pocket?  Approximately $3.50 per lesson.  Swee~

Dear2 had also opened Supplementary Accounts for both Baby1 and Baby2, and recently enrolled Baby1 for Inline Skate Class at Choa Chu Kang Sports Complex during the month of March, when Baby1 had a 1 month break from her ballet lessons.  It’s amazing how she got from cry-because-she-cannot-even-stand-up-on-blades, to slowly-and-steadily-maneuvering-her-turns over a mere 4 weeks.  Kudos to the Teacher!  The cost?  Co-paid by her ActiveSG Dollars of course, so we paid about $15 per lesson?  The actual cost?  Dear2 finally managed to persuade Dear1 to buy a set of rollar blades and gear, so we were set back by another $230, LOL.

For Dear1, he came along the Body Sculpt class last year, but was super not impressed with both the Instructor and the class.  Hmm… what other classes can he go for then?

Most people use their ActiveSG Dollars to go to the Gym or go Swimming, but we’ll have to go many many many times in order to fully exhaust that $100.  Not to mention the super crowd now that everyone is trying to exhaust their Dollars by the end of the year again.   Frankly speaking, I’d wish the Minister will just announce that there’s no expiry date to this $100, instead of extending it year by year like what they did last year. This only cause more participation (read: over-crowding) when it comes to the end of the year.  Or better still, keep giving more money into this Account, heehee.  (Haiz I know, Minister already said, they won’t be topping up money again.)

In order to retain that $100, you need to have utilised it at least once this year, so that the balance gets carried over to next year.  Dear1, Baby2, looks like we need to go swimming soon….

– Dear2


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