Jacky Cheung Concert 2017

Dear1 and I attended Jacky Cheung’s 2017 Singapore “A Classic Tour” concert 2 weeks back, and oh boy, what an eye-opener for the both of us!

This was my birthday present to Dear1, and his present to me, heehee, but we were still too stingy and are only willing to splurge on the balcony seats.  Despite being high up and far away, we thought that the show was still pretty good from where we were seated!

  • The Songs

It was supposed to be “A Classic Tour”, but Jacky defined his version of “Classic”.  Many of us came with the expectation of hearing all his classics, but halfway through the show, Jacky explained that he wanted this concert to go down in the entertainment history as a “Classic”, and not as a showcase of his “classics” songs.  Wow, what a revelation and amazing twist!

Neither Dear1 and I were familiar with most of the Cantonese songs presented on the night, but Jacky beautifully round up the evening with a medley of his most popular Mandarin hits.  That really created an out of the world concert experience for us all audience!

  • The Dancers

Not only did we get to hear Jacky’s awesome singing, his troupe of beautiful and athletic dancers performed multiple awe-inspiring dances throughout the show.  The ladies with great figures in their bunny suits, the men performed hops and walked on stilts; it must have been really a privilege to be part of Jacky’s dance entourage, and I bet they are paid loads for being the best in their class!

  • His Moves

I worried constantly for Jacky throughout the 3 hour show.  How can one’s vocal cords sing for 3 hours straight, on top of having to walk and dance and move up and down and round and round the 4-stage stage?  And at 50+ years old!?  Jacky is truly a professional, and an amazing one at that!

  • The Light Effects

Dear1 and I have not been to many concerts, but concerts/events/theme parks are usually a show case of the latest technology, or the lack of it.  Jacky’s concert definitely brought “Lights” to a different level.  Light dances with colored hanging lights are the passe now.  Floor lights, stage lights, minute hanging lights that dances round and round and up and down, big screens, floor screens, in fact each of the individual platform pieces are screens on their own; these different light effects created such amazing pieces to create such beautiful visual impact.

  • The Stage Effects

Did I mention that the platform is made up of individual pieces?  Yes, platforms that merely raise up and down seems to be the passe too.  The entire floor seems to be able to rotate, as a platform on it’s own, or as individual pieces on their own.  Wow.  And what’s with the lift off?  Can platforms even flange off like that  Where are the supports!?

  • The Fire Effects (and Smell Effects?)

As if indulging in your sense of hearing and sense of sight are not enough, there was real fire (sense of heat) and sense of smell (was it real smoke or not?).  Wah, was that really real fire in the middle of the stage!?

  • The Heart-Warming Contest

Despite all that excitement, Jacky held a heart-warming contest.  He first made all the couples do loving acts in order to win a mystery prize.  And this was awarded to a lucky couple.  It’s actually a simple portrait of the couple’s kissing moment on screen, signed off with the star’s autograph.  But Jacky’s accompanying message was, “If in times of arguments, take this portrait out and remember this moment when the two of you kissed passionately.”  Awe, so sweet….

  • The 1 Hour Encore

And I loved how Jacky ended his concert in an almost 1 hour encore. He said that there’ll be not 1, or 2 encore songs, but 3, but the encore turned out to be a long continuous medley of all our favourite hits.  I totally lost count of the total number of songs he sang in the encore.

It was a very entertaining concert, and Dear1 and I rounded off the evening with a food exploration to Rocher Beancurd House at Geylang for beancurd.  Surprisingly, the beancurd’s not bad, and we subsequently brought the kids there last week too.

I think Jacky had achieved his intention, so when x years have gone by, we’ll remember this as “Jacky’s Classic Tour” which Dear1 and I gave to each other as one of our birthday present.  Happy Birthday Dear1!

– Dear2


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