21st Birthday Party

Dear1 and Dear2 attended one of Dear2’s colleague 21st birthday party the other day. 21st birthday have always been an important event in young Singaporeans’ lives. So for Dear1 and Dear2, we also celebrated our 21st birthdays 5 years ago – together. Since our birthdays fall on the same month, we chose a date that falls on a convenient weekend that month so that we can invites lots of guests to our party. At East Coast Park, we invited Dear1’s groups of friends, and Dear2’s groups of friends. The party was a BBQ event, purely BBQ, no catered food. And Dear1 and Dear2’s mums each prepared some homecook bee hoon and curry and finger foods and not to forget, the 21st birthday cake. I still remember the large birthday cake is in the shape of a key and it costs $60. What an old fashioned cake, haha. In total, we invite around 40 guests, and we were in command of the preparations ourselves (other family members serve as helpers).

5 years later today, as we attend other people’s parties, the fun seems different – is it the crowd, the food, or simply the games that we don’t play nowadays? The party itself seemed ceremonial, with everyone taking turns posing with the birthday girl and the birthday cake before the cake cutting and birthday song(s) singing. And after the cake cutting, everyone seemed eager to go home, oh bother. If such is the case, how is the elusive 21st birthday any different from every other birthdays?

– Dear1 and Dear2

ps: Haha, this post is jointly written together by Dear1 and Dear2, with each person writing alternate sentences (excluding this ps paragraph). No prizes for guessing correctly who wrote which sentence.  Do you wanna make a guess?

ps2: See previous attempt here.


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