Dear1 is a mid late twenties early thirties male, residing in Bukit Batok, Singapore. Dear1 is an engineer by training and is currently a full-time student at a local university and is expected to graduate in 2009 2010 research fellow scientist technical staff. Dear1 enjoys playing basketball, soccer and table-tennis. Dear1 also has a fond interest in Japanese anime, Gundam model kits (but not so much into figurines) and board games. Dear1 is also a tech-savvy person, likes to keep up with the latest developments in electronic gadgets and assembles his own desktop computer. Dear1 plays alot of PC and DS games but doesn’t own any Xbox(s) nor PS(s) nor Wii(s). No, Dear1 is not a geek nor otaku, he has not reach that level yet. :P Most most most importantly, Dear1 and Dear2 are married and Dear1 loves Dear2 dearly.

Dear2 is born in the same year as Dear1 and just 11 days younger. Dear2 enjoys netball, Taekwondo, knitting, cooking, baking and singing. Dear2 is an engineer by training and graduated from local university in 2004. Since then, Dear2 had been in the line of facility management, financial advisory, client management, business development, investment planning and most recently products support. Dear2 also enjoys shopping and is especially fond of bags and shoes. Dear2 often goes jogging and swimming with Dear1 to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also as a means of keeping slim and tone. Dear2 prefers to play simple casual games unlike those complicated and un-comprehensible games Dear1 plays. And most of all, Dear2 loves living together with Dear1 in their new home.

Baby1 is 29 years younger than Dear1 and Dear2. Baby1 is a full time baby toddler and enjoys playing pretend cooking, being a doctor, and a ballerina. Baby1 also loves stories and frequently demands borrowing books from the library, as well as “borrowing” books on the iPad.

Baby2 is 2 years younger than Baby1 and 31 years younger than Dear1 and Dear2. Baby2 is a full time baby and enjoys smiling, laughing, chuckling and just having plain fun with her parents who equally enjoy being silly adults around her.

P.s. I’m just keeping the below for souvenir.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey I really envy ur couple.. Wat a nice match couple.
    Compare to ur ..after reading ur blog i realy want to cry..
    Coz my bf doesn’t noe wat is work together..i so sick of him..
    How lucky u are.. u 2 are really mr&mrs, right for each other.
    Good Luck keep it up..I wish i could changed my one tooo. but I don’t think i will work on him

  2. Hello Dear1Dear2!

    What an entertaining blog u have :) It’s nice to read about your lives and how you find happiness in the smallest things, despite the challenges you face everyday. It’s not easy living in our fast-paced world, ya? I’m of similar age to you, and midway thru my first pregnancy (that’s how I found your blog – I was searching for baby cots!) so your blog has given me insight to what life will be like once baby is due.

    I wonder if I can be a FTWM just like Dear 2?

    Perhaps once Dear 1 enters the workforce, Dear 2 won’t be feeling all the pressure of a FTWM?

    All the best with life and Baby 1! Look forward to hearing good news on Baby #2 onwards!

    • Hi Leia,

      Thanks for the encouragement. :)

      Yea, we are living in such a competitive society now. Esp now that we are parents, we succumb more easily to what is perceived as the ‘societal norm’, rather than what WE really want for ourselves and for our baby. Many a times I have to remind myself, is this baby product/ service really what I really want for Baby1, or is it purely becos everyone else has it?

      Take heart! There are every products for every use, and many a times parents buy them becos they make the parents look and feel good. What about the baby? Does she know that she has a branded shirt, or a sophisticated bowl? Nah… It’s just a shirt and a bowl to her….

      Anyway, all the best to you too. Take care and enjoy every moment of pregnancy and parenthood!

      – Dear2

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  4. Hi dear1dear2,

    It’s a pleasure to read your blog entries; hope you keep writing and keep those entries coming!

    Wishing you both and your family happiness and the best of health always! =)

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