Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2009

Dear1 and Dear2 participated in the Mizuno Mount Faber Run last weekend. The participant seems to be much poorer as compared to the other usual runs, becos 1) The race pack collection booth was manned by a miserly 5 counters for each category, as compared to the over-whelming scene of kid helpers at the earlier Passion Run, and 2) The registration was extended 1 week, what a stark difference compared to the year end Standard Chartered Marathon when participation was so limited.

Flagging off from ‘the grass patch’ between Block 121 and 123 at Bukit Merah, it almost looked like a Resident’s Family Carnival when Dear1 and Dear2 arrived. Dear2 almost half expected to see some balloon booths or the large air filled structure where kids have a jolly time bouncing around in. The toilets were a miserly (about) 10, and Dear1 and Dear2 did not join in the flag off as we were still queuing for the toilets at that time. How lucky we did that in fact!

There weren’t the usual student helpers, or road closure for running events like this. Instead, what greeted us were the numerous traffic policemen directing traffic at the zebra crossings and pedestrian crossing, and many uncles and aunties who I think are likely to be residents of Bukit Merah. And becos of this, what it means for runners is 1) There is no road closures and we have to run on the pavements. Bearing in mind that the pavements in Bukit Merah are not exactly wide, some only allowing 1 runner to go through at times unless you are willing to step out on the road. And bearing in mind that there is NO road closure, meaning that vehicles are still zooming past by every other minute. 2) Becos the route is not marked extensively, you’d better be fast enough so that there’s some runner visible in front of you, or if you can spot a helper, or a traffic policeman somewhere in front. No telling how the lone runner knows which way to turn if he is left far back!

Surprisingly, Dear1 and Dear2 completed the run in about the same timing that we did the Passion Run, even though we totally walked the entire stretch of the uphill on Mount Faber and there was plenty of gentle upslope or downslope on the Henderson and Bukit Merah estate. The Faber scenery was nice too, for people like us who have never been on Mount Faber before. It’s a surprise to find that Singapore actually have such a place like The Peak in Hong Kong. The best part of the run will be its shadiness. It came as a pleasant surprise to us that pretty much of the route was naturally shaded by the trees alongside these pavements. Cool! (literally)

I’m glad we did this run.

– Dear2


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